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3 Closing Lessons

This past Wednesday, my husband, Emilio, and I celebrated the 6th Anniversary of our 1st Date by closing on our 10th door in just over 2 years! On our first date, a picnic in Central Park, where we met playing softball, if you had told me that I would be still with that guy....I would've laughed at you. But if you would have told me that we owned multiple properties together, I would have fainted!

Each closing has been unique and challenging in its own way. And buying this one during COVID, added in some fun twists along the way. And every one teaches me another lesson to hold in my back pocket for the next!

Here is what I learned at this closing that might help you:

1. No one wants this more than you.

If you have been following along in the Lady Landlords Facebook group, this closing had more delays, miscommunications, and people dropping that ball than I had experienced before. In my mind, my priority was everyone else's. And that is not true. Other people will not have the goals, the vision, or the drive that you have. They might be a great team member but remember in the end it come down to YOU to see out your dreams!

2. Communication is key.

If you ever meet me in person, you'll see quickly that I tend to be a fast paced person. (I am a NYer after all!) I talk fast, I walk fast and I think fast too. I love this about me, but this doesn't work for everyone. When trying to get things done with other people, we need to think about their styles, their communication, and what motivates them. When we think about things from another person perspective, we have a better chance for a smoother process and better, faster outcome. Need suggestions on how to get moving? Check out this video I did on getting un-stuck.

3. Having a team of experts is key.

You will never know everything about REI. Trust me, I've tried. There just comes a point where you know enough and then have to count on the team members around you for their expertise. Still growing your team? Watch here and then go check our growing Partners page! I try my best to breakdown all that I have learned into simple, duplicatable steps that you can use too. So, I designed The LMF Method to do just that!

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