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3 Must Do's to feel Confident at any Networking Event

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Real Estate Investing is a relationship business, they say. Ugh, that sounds like dating. Like getting out of the sweats and meeting new people...strangers! 😱 Not everyone is a skilled conversationalist that can charm a room just by walking into it. In fact, most of us cannot do that. It can be a very nerve-wracking, stressful event...

But it doesn't have to be!

With a little bit of practice following the steps below, you can become a confident, rockstar in any circle! Networking is a great way to find partners, lenders, deals, and REI BFFs if that is what you are looking for. But, you have to get out of your comfort zone to make it happen!

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Now, here are 3 steps that will help you feel confident in any room!

1. Be Early:

Ever walk into a crowded room alone and want to just turn around and run away? Well, here is the way to avoid that-- be early. This gives you the prime opportunity to meet people as they arrive. You no longer have to go up and interrupt a circle of people. Instead, people will come up to you as they arrive and start a conversation. Bonus: You will most like get a little extra face time with the host of the event as well! (Feel free to ask ahead of time if they could use an extra set of hands getting ready too!)

2. Follow Through:

Now that you had people literally introducing themselves to you, make sure to follow-up by sending them an email or text within 24 hours of the event. Start with those people that you connected with the most or feel you could help/could help you first. Then, make sure to work your way through everyone you met. This will help show you were serious about your real estate intentions and keep you top of mind with those that you just met as they will have a greater chance of remembering you right after the event. Be sure to follow-up with everyone as you never know where this journey may take you!

3. Follow up:

So you attended the event, sent a pleasant follow-up email the next what? Here is where it is important to stay in touch. Deals don't usually happen during the first meeting. It usually takes about 12 touchpoints before a business relationship tends to take off. So how can we do that? The easiest and most value add way to do that is to forward relevant content to that person showing you are thinking of them. For example, you can forward a property listing that you think that person might be interested in. Share an upcoming class or webinar with them. You can even click forward on this very email and share your favorite Lady Landlords Newsletter with your new connections. This will help you stay relevant and build confidence with your new circle of investor friends with just the minimal amount of time needed!

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