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3 Real Estate Investing Myths

It's Becky here. Today, we'll cover the 3 toxic myths about Real Estate Investing that all beginners MUST break away from in order to achieve Financial Independence. Getting your mindset right is the #1 thing you have to conquer if you want to succeed in Real Estate Investing. As the popular saying goes, "You are your worst enemy and best asset" ;-)

From serving many Beginner Investors from all walks of life over the last few months, I can tell you that the best and most successful investors are those with the right mindset and attitude, who have the right beliefs about how this industry works. So it's myth-busters time, my friend!

Time to re-align your perspectives and make things right :)

Myth #1: "I need to have a LOT of Money saved to get into Real Estate Investing”

I absolutely believed I could never buy Real Estate until all my finances were in perfect order, but that's just not true! We are so used to thinking that if people own property that they must come from a rich family or inherited properties but the truth is that most landlords worked hard to take advantage of the right types of mortgages or creative financing strategies to get involved! You do not need to wait for the stars to align to buy your first property. Click here to learn more about using Other People's Money to buy properties!

Myth #2: "I need to know EVERYTHING about REI to start"

This is SO not true. I get it! Buying a property IS a big deal and can be scary, but you will never know every single detail about every aspect of REI....and you don't have to!

What you DO need to do is 2 things:

1. Surround yourself with experts that DO know everything. Click here to learn how to find these experts.

2. Get very well versed in what your Goals and specific Strategy is. Not sure about these yet? Take the Beginner's Guide to REI here and be ready to buy your first property in 3 Simple Steps!

I have personally had Beginner's just like you who still made it work, so I know that you can too!

Myth #3: "It's just too hard to do!"

I can totally understand why someone would believe in this as I’ve been there myself, but I have seen time and again that if it is something you really want, you can accomplish it! REI can be incredibly overwhelming but it doesn't have to be! There is so much information and it's hard to know what to believe and what path to take. I, myself, have gotten stuck. That's why I put all my secrets on how to get unstuck and start taking action here for you to be able to move forward TODAY!

Why is believing in these 3 myths problematic? Because believing in these 3 myths will stop you from taking the right action. Your confidence gets affected, you don't seek guidance, and subsequently, you don't transform your life as a result. As someone who does Real Estate Investing for a living, I have seen breakthrough after breakthrough and I know that is not difficult to reach Financial Independence. People just don't have the right guidance to succeed when it comes to REI. Many people search for information online fruitlessly, and when that doesn't work, they give up.

I don’t want you to give up because I can you can do this! How else would there be millions of other people who have achieved Financial Independence through Real Estate Investing if it was so hard? So they are all geniuses? No... they did it by following a certain set of steps you can find here and through pure hard work!

So take heart. You can do this! Don't for a second doubt yourself. That's all I have for today! See you in Lady Landlords!

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