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3 Tips for Successful Networking

Last night, we hosted our Lady Landlords Meetup in Westchester, NY and it got me thinking about all the connections that were made! I have always been a natural connector seeing people's needs and how to match that with what someone else has. But networking is a skill that takes practice and patience.

Real Estate Investing is definitely a realtionship business. You hear all the time people saying they need to build a team...and it's true! You need to find the deal, attorneys, contractors, title companies, tenants, and the list goes on. It's all in the "Who you know" that can real make or break your REI Business. I found my realtor through a networking connection as well as all of my other team members. I also found an amazing off-market quadplex that way too!

Now, I have been networking for YEARS so here are some of my top tips!

1. See the people "behind" the people you are talking to

Don't sell to the person directly in front of you. It can be a turn-off and if they don't want what you got, it could end the relationship real fast. Remember that every person knows 100's of people. Your goal is to stay top of mind with that person so they will share or connect you to the right person in their network that has what you want or wants what you got. Do this by staying in touch, inviting them to a webinar or community (like Lady Landlords) that they might enjoy.

2. Be Consistent!

Show up and participate! Make sure everyone in the group knows you by plugging in and attending all the events or writing your own posts if the group is online. Put the meetings on your calendar just like any other important thing and commit to attending. Bring business cards (you can make your own!) and collect cards from other members to stay in touch in between meetings.

3. Give more than you take

The best way to have someone remember you is to help them solve a problem. Be active in what others need. Offer to make a connection for them if you are able to and make a conscious effort to connect people on a regular basis. The more you give, the more you will receive!

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