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5 Deadly Myths About Investing

One of the most common things I hear when I talk to women on the phone is this:

“Becky, before I start working with you, I think I need to make changes to my goals.”

Or they’ll say, “I just need to find a better strategy or grow my portfolio before I start working with you.'

But that's a** backward.

That’s like saying you need to lose weight before you hire a personal trainer.

You don’t.

The personal trainer is the person who shortcuts the journey to your goals and keeps you on track to hit those goals.

The same is true with growing your rental portfolio.

In fact, there are five common myths that most women have. And it’s the exact thing that’s holding them back.

So, in this email, I will cover the first three myths that could be holding you back.

And in the next email, I’ll reveal the last two and why they’re wrong.

Myth #1: "I need to make changes to my goals first."

When was the last time you achieved something because you changed your goal?

In my experience, changing your goals is just a way to avoid what you KNOW you should be doing.

It’s like saying you need to know how to cook before going to culinary school.

You don’t.

Myth #2: "I Need a Huge Emergency Fund First."

Don’t get me wrong, it's smart to have savings…

But waiting for a mountain of cash just by saving your money?

That will take much longer than getting a few more doors and increasing your monthly income.

Myth #3: "I Need to Understand My Target Area Better and connect with local investors."

Listen, if understanding your target market better or connecting with your local investors was the secret to success, I’d be a billionaire.

Plus, when you work with me, I bring you the insights, the trends, and the deep-dive analysis of your target area.

Think about it: Why spend months researching when I can hand you a tailored blueprint based on your investment goals?

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

The bottom line is this: waiting to be 'perfectly prepared' is a myth holding you back from reaching your goals.

When you work with me, I prioritize everything you need and put them into action steps.

So, if you’re ready to let go of the myths holding you back…

And you’re someone who realizes the value in working with someone who is already doing what you want to do and living the life that you want to live…

Let’s chat.

And feel free to ask any questions you have on that call.

To your success,

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