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5 Ideas to Increase Your Income

It's Becky here! When people think saving, they think of cutting out the things they enjoy in a bad diet...which sucks. But it doesn't have to be that way!

There are ways that you can increase your income too (in addition to cutting out that second latte of the day.) How much would having extra money in your bank account help? You could get to a down payment faster, you could get out of debt sooner, you could maybe even buy a place in cash!

So, here are my 5 ideas for Increasing your income:

1. Ask for a Raise

The best part about this one is that it does not require any extra time since you are already doing the job! Most women tend to be underpaid anyways so here is your opportunity to level the playing field! Boss not on board? Switch to a competitor's company in the same or similar position. Changing companies usually comes with a nice pay bump!

2. Sell what you don't need

Look around where you are right now. I bet you can see 2-3 things off the bat that you do not need in your house anymore. So what could be better than de-cluttering your home while making a few extra bucks at the same time?

3. Start a Side Hustle

These days almost everyone needs a side business to bring in extra income. What skill do you have that other's would pay you for? Can you tutor? Freelance on the side? Teach English online? Or make something that you can sell on Etsy? (I heard masks are popular now ::wink wink::)

Bonus: Did you know that there are also tax benefits to owning your own business? Use those to add to your Savings!

4. Make $$$ and learn more about Real Estate

Check out this week's featured YouTube video here so you can get paid to get mentored in Real Estate! Talk about a win-win there!

5. Get your Real Estate Biz off the ground!

Take our Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing Course here to learn the EXACT steps that you need to get your Real Estate Portfolio off the ground! By the time you finish the course, you'll have everything you need to buy your first property! (Down Payment not included! :-D )

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