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7 deadly sins in real estate

There are

investing that can take you out of the game FAST.

​ Do you know what they are?

​ ​Here’s a hint: They’re a part of the Fair Housing Act Guidelines.

​ More specifically, they’re 7 protected classes you must avoid discriminating against when screening tenants

​ Because if someone feels you’re discriminating against them, they can file against you… ​

And you’d have to answer to those consequences (which can affect your landlording business).

​ So if you want to avoid that from happening, I put together a short podcast episode that reveals everything you need to know.

​ ​[link] The 7 Deadly Sins Of Real Estate Investing.

​ In this episode, I talk about…

- What the fair housing act is and why it even exists ​

- The 7 protected classes you must avoid discriminating against

​ - How the fair housing act actually helps us as landlords

​ - Plus, an easy way to avoid discriminating when you’re screening tenants

​ The Fair Housing Act is something you must know if you want to grow your portfolio.

Here’s the link to listen to the episode:

>> Discover what you should NEVER do as a landlord.

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