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An Immigrant's American Dream

Have you ever felt alone while trying to achieve a goal?

That’s how Karina felt as she immigrated to America from Ukraine and began investing in real estate.

She first joined the Lady Landlords Facebook Group, and later joined our Mentorship Program.

Now, she’s investing out-of-state while living in California!

Tune into this week’s episode of The Lady Landlords Podcast, Karina’s Story: An Immigrant’s American Dream.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

1.    When she decided to start investing, while working a high paying 9-5 job.​

2.    How she narrowed down her locations to pick her out-of-state rental property.

3.    Why she felt it was the right time to join the Mentorship Program.

Stay tuned until the end to learn what Karina wishes she knew earlier about working with a hard money lender for the first time!

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