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Boosting that Confidence like a Pro

Happy end of January!

I'm sure we've all heard the saying that there is nothing more attractive than confidence, right? Well that is no different in Real Estate investing. The energy and thoughts you have about yourself are going to set you up to win big, or fall down on your face, but what strategies can you use to avoid the latter of those two?

1) Remember Your Past Wins

Without exception, we have all failed or lost at something, or really struggled in a difficult situation throughout our lives, but we found a solution.

The problem is we often have short memories sometimes, and we forget all about how we got through it or how we succeeded in that case. Taking time to reflect on past successes is an easy strategy that we often take for granted that is an excellent confidence booster!

You were a boss woman before, and you can do it again, over and over again actually!

Whether you are brand new to investing where you need to draw upon unrelated past wins, or you are in the real estate game and you have some investments that are already working for you, always set some time aside to remind yourself of how far you've come.

2) Set Achievable Goals

As with any of our wishes and goals in life, we can build some confidence by knocking out some of those small and more reachable goals. We want to be able to build momentum and learn valuable skills that can help us get to those bigger and far out milestones.

Always think big and reach for the stars, but spend most of your time climbing the closer ladder, so you don't overwhelm yourself. This can be as simple as joining our Lady Landlords grouping and seeking mentorship, or going and searching for some deals in your neighborhood this week.

It helps to stay a little grounded and realistic!

3) Be Open to Abundance

Mindset is absolutely everything! What you believe about yourself and how you perceive the world will 1000% be how your reality manifests to you. Thinking and feeling abundant will lead to you drawing in the people, places and things that you need to be successful in real estate, or in any area of life. Humans are walking signal towers that emit frequency, and there are many studies that prove just that!

You are worthy of living an abundant, free, peaceful and happy life. Real Estate investing can make that abundance real for you!

Listen to the Full Tips here on the Lady Landlords Podcast!

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