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Can you be a real estate investor AND a super Mom?

Welcome back, everyone! This week, we are highlighting one of our Lady Landlord group members as we talk about how to combine real estate investing and being a great mom while doing it!

Listen to how Lady Landlords Member, Hashi, does it all on this week's episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast!

Here are the highlights:

Tip #1: Buy, buy and buy again locally!

One of the things we need to do is focus, ladies! Too often, we want to diversify or invest in several areas, but investing in one mainly allows you to build a network and to familiarize yourself in one area. Keeping your investing radius smaller allows you to work with the same contractors, attorneys, lawyers, workers, and banks, therefore building on those relationships and saving you time! You can also really study your area and become an expert in the ebbs and flows of what goes on and track trends or keep an eye out for new businesses or new activity that may influence your housing market!

Tip #2: Stay Loyal to the Squad

Building off of Tip #1, really solidifying your relationships with the people you hire can make real estate investing that much more approachable and stress-free! Your team can count on you to reach out when you need them so they know they have a reliable income with you.

Tip #3: Include Your Kids in Your Investment Journey!

Who says your kids can't be part of your real estate success? Having your young ones help out with different errands or jobs can equal to some indispensable education and work experience, all the while helping you out There might also be some interesting tax deductions in there too! 😉

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