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Did you lose it too?

I lost myself before I could create the life I wanted. 

The first time was in my 20’s where I slotted into the perfect little mold of what a “successful” person was supposed to look like. 

I got several degrees from an Ivy League School, started a career in cancer research and was making 6 figures in my 20’s. 

I technically achieved a lot, but despite my cookie cutter success, I wasn’t happy at all. 

Eventually I reached my limit and after months of holding back tears on my subway commutes…

I left. 

I left the stable job and stable career and did the first thing any depressed twenty-something questioning her purpose might do. 

I went out for some drinks. 🍷

With my newfound liquid courage I put something out into the universe, and by that I mean I made a Facebook post asking where I should move in Europe. 

It only got one response that said: Spain. 💃

So without doing much research…

…or knowing any Spanish at the time...

…or having any friends or family there…

I sold everything I had and moved 8 weeks later. ✈️

And despite my lack of preparation, I was able to live a life that a New York hustler couldn’t comprehend. 

A life where you weren’t defined by your job or outputs. 

But I didn’t let that stop me from listening to my entrepreneurial spirit, and I ended up starting a Tour Company in Spain and opened a bar in Portugal.

My beach life felt like it was just within reach…until everything came crashing down. 

Turns out the guy who sold me the bar screwed me over with an attorney he paid off to do some unscrupulous activity and I lost my tour company, my bar and the 100k I invested in it. 😫

Now with ruined credit and an empty bank account, I swallowed my pride and moved back into my parents at 30 years old! 

As I rebuilt, I picked up softball again, where I met my now husband, Emilio.  

A gentle soul of a man from DR who wanted the American Dream; a house.

But I didn't want to buy a home, I wanted to travel the world, but as we do in relationships, I compromised.

I suggested we buy a multifamily so we can live on one side and rent out the other.

But we had NO IDEA how to buy a house.

I called realtor after realtor only to be hung up on and hear:

 “We can talk when you get pre-approved” 

“We can talk when you find a house on Zillow” 

 But I didn't know how to get pre-approved.  I didn't know how to pick the right house.

It was all so confusing.

And then it happened!

We bought our first Duplex in Yonkers, NY and I was addicted... I knew we couldn't stop here. 

So I went all in and started... reading all the books, listened to podcast after podcast and picked everyone's brain I could.

Thankfully, we finally figured it out.  

Over the next 3 years, Emilio and I would go on to buy 10 more doors in NY and DR generating 6 figures! 5 years later, we have 16 rentals with 20k months and a portfolio worth more than 3 million dollars. With just that few properties in that short period of time!

The cash flow from our properties now funds the traveling lifestyle I always wanted.

We spend our winters in DR to live in constant summer sun

We don’t worry about PTO balances when we want to spend months at a time  in Europe

We take bucket list trips to places like the Great Wall of China (where we got engaged!) and over the water huts in the Maldives

And we can wake up every morning taking care of ourselves first!  Whether it's a gym class, walking the dog, or a quiet cup of coffee on our patio….we can do it! 

Here’s my keys to success:

1. Chase YOUR dreams - The #1 mistake I see investors make is that they chase other people’s dreams. They see people flash big checks on IG and try to duplicate their success.  But you are you.  Your set of circumstances are different.  Don’t chase their dreams.  Follow yours.

2. Baby Steps- Now that you know what direction you specifically need to go, commit to consistency.  Real Estate Investing doesn’t need to take up ALL of your time.  When you focus your energy in the right place, you will be able to make greater progress in less time and even have fun along the way.  If you aren’t having fun… you are doing this right!

3. Act Now- You did the work. You put in the time. The biggest regret every successful Real Estate Investor has is that they didn’t start sooner. Perfection is your old way of life.  Making data driven decisions will give you the confidence you need for your new way of life leaving analysis paralysis behind. How many years have you wanted to invest in Real Estate?  Make today the day that you do something about it!

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