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Do the Letters LMF Mean Anything to You?

Since closing on my 10th door last week, I was overwhelmed with the response I got! I had so many women like you reach out to me asking how I did it, how I financed it, how I went from Debt to Financial Freedom in under 3 years that I didn't feel it was right to hold back those secrets from you!

I started thinking about what Lady Landlords means to me and the very principles it stands for. And here is what I came up with:

So what do we stand for?

L is for Ladies:

We are a community of women. We can accomplish anything that we want and together, we are stronger than one! Our gut feelings are our one of our best traits right along with our ability to build relationships. These two characteristics put us at an advantage when investing in Real Estate. We can build our team, find opportunities, support and celebrate each other while trusting we are making the right decisions for ourselves!

M is for Method & Mentorship:

I always preach you need to start with a plan. All the time I get asked, "How do I start in Real Estate Investing?" but there are so many ways to get involved! There is something for everyone in REI but you need to have a goal and a direction first! When I first started, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, chasing whatever I saw others doing or what I thought I should do, even though it didn't necessarily align with my goals. I lost time, money, and energy not having a Method and a Mentor that had what I want. But now... Ladies, we have a Method! I am putting all of my exact steps in one concise plan that is duplicatable for you to follow along with- Community, Accountability & Guidance included!

F is for Financial Freedom:

Take a minute and think: What does Financial Freedom mean to you? It doesn't necessarily mean all the money in the World (although it can) but it can mean that bucket list trip you have always wanted to take (mine's Bora Bora!), more family time with the kids, quiting that job that that leaves you unfilled and daydreaming of Friday. It means you have the option to use every minute you are given on Earth to fill your life with purpose.

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