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Do you Believe in Ghosts?

What a whirlwind week! As Summer is coming to a close, we have had a lot of movement on our rentals. We ended up having three vacancies be filled this month.

1. Some of our favorite tenants were college students. They graduated this past May and ended up moving out of the property. I already miss them!

2. If you have been following along in the Lady Landlords Facebook group, you might be familiar with my non-paying tenants. Luckily, I was able to convince them to move and avoid an eviction!

3. The third vacancy we had is the apartment we flipped in our newest duplex! We spent the past couple weeks working on it and it’s ready to rent!

This past weekend I did multiple open houses to be able to secure great tenants.

Head over to my Instagram @BeckyNova24 to see before and afters and to hear the tips I shared on how to show your rental.

Also, we CANNOT ignore one of the most popular threads in Lady Landlords!

In case you didn’t missed it, it was all about those extra tenants that none of us want!

There was a conversation about tenants stating that they felt that they were spirits in their unit.

Oddly, I had just posted a video about how I had to sage one of my units. I have had to sue every tenant that has lived there and am hoping to change that. But, I am not the only member of the group experiencing this!

In this week's episode on the Lady Landlords Podcast, I interview Elsie on:

· How she was growing her portfolio

· How she confirmed it was haunted,

· And how she pivoted the property into an AirBNB!

Listen to Elsie's episode here!

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