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Do you want to connect with other Lady Landlords?

When I started Lady Landlords two years ago, I was feeling like the only woman in the room. My portfolio was growing, I was self-managing my tenants, but had no one to talk about the issues that came up or the challenges that I was facing.

Hence, Lady Landlords was born!

In March of 2020, my husband's job closed down. We were down an entire income stream. The first thought that popped into my head was that we needed to buy another property ASAP to bring in more money. He thought I was crazy. My parents thought I was crazy. My friends did too.

But, someone out there had to think like me!

Now, every single day, I start my morning by going through our 100+ member requests to our Facebook group. I get to start my day with an hour of appreciation knowing that I am not alone on this journey; that there are other women building businesses, growing portfolios, and dealing with Tenant Situations day in and day out.

And its that reminder and connection that led me to start monthly Lady Landlords Networking events! Each month we host a virtual event and a local event in NY (More locations coming soon!)

In this week's episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast, I interview Yousra, who flew from Dallas to New York last year for one of our brunches hosted at a rental property.

Here are the highlights of the event Yousra shared with us:

Connections last beyond the events.

When I first asked Yousra about her experience at our Backyard Brunch last year, she said was that she still keeps in touch with some of the women she met! They exchanged info and one of them was able to help her when she was looking for some referrals in another city. It is that type of relationship building and networking that you can expect at the Lady Landlords events! The whole goal of what we do is to make the next woman's journey just that much easier using the lessons and experiences that we went through. It's amazing what happens when we get out from behind the computer screen and back in front of people!

You have friends here you don't even know you have yet.

One of my favorite things that Yousra said on the Lady Landlords Podcast was, even though she attended alone, how easy it was to walk up and talk to someone. Everyone in attendance is looking to make moves in real estate. From the seasoned investors with multiple properties to the newbie looking to get started, we are all connected in some way...and we each have nuggets of information that can help another Lady Landlord out there. But even beyond the REI world, we are all women working towards goals, improving our financial situation and looking to leave a legacy. Where else can you find a group of ladies like that?!

Join our monthly Lady Landlords Networking events here! And if you are able to make it to the NY area, we have our Special Summer Soiree not to be missed at the end of August!

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