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Eviction Nightmares

What scares you the most about being a landlord?

For most, it’s the ‘E’ word… you guessed it. Evictions.

As Lady Landlords in search of financial independence, escaping our 9-5s to travel the world… the last thing we want to deal with is evictions!

Today on The Lady Landlords Podcast, I’m talking about how to navigate evictions and avoid the nightmare in the first place. 

Equip yourself with this insight so you can enjoy your free time with peace of mind knowing your rents are getting paid and the property isn’t up in flames. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How to mitigate your risk against evictions.

  2. The #1 tip to stay out of the courts.

  3. When you may have to pay for tenants to move out.

Stay tuned until the end to hear my near eviction story with somebody you’d least expect!

Click below to listen to the episode on your favorite streaming platform.

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