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Filling Vacancies, Summer Networking Events, & how to manage it all!

OMG I have so much to tell you about! So remember those 3 vacancies I told you about last week? All filled!

In less than 2 weeks, I was able to secure great new tenants with leases and deposits in hand!

Want to know my secret? Listen to this week's episode here to learn how!

Next up, we had 60 Lady Landlords come out for our Summer Soiree in Westchester, NY this past weekend. It was a gorgeous afternoon on the Hudson River. My whole real estate investing team joined in the fun as well. We heard inspiring stories from women that just got their first property. Women made connections for future partnerships and found funding for their deals. It was beautiful to meet everyone in person and see what connections were made!

If you would like to attend our Virtual or In Person Events, sign up here.

In this week's episode on the Lady Landlords Podcast, I share my top 3 tips for managing it all:

1. Make a Checklist:

Write out absolutely everything you have to do. I find it so satisfying to get it all out of my brain and down on paper. Yup, I said paper. I still use notebooks, but there are plenty of apps you can use to make a list too.

2. Prioritize:

Once you have everything listed out, go through and organize it by deadlines. That will allow you to start scheduling what needs to be done today versus what can be done later in the week. Every item gets its own time slot so you can focus on just the task at hand.

3. Attack the Toughest:

Start with the hardest task first...and see it through to completion. This will save you time and energy compared if you started with the small stuff. When our brains have to shift from one quick thing to the next, we lose our concentration. Stay focused on one item and if you need to break it up into smaller chunks, that is okay too!

Listen to this week's episode here!

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