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How to buy a STR across the country in less than 5 months!

Just wanna give a shout out to our Lady Landlords Inner Circle member Jenn who recently closed on her first STR!

Now here is the thing about Jenn. Her and her partner, Juan, live in a HCOL area in CA. Originally, we were working together and put a strategy in place for them where they could actually buy a cash flowing property there. (YES! It's still possible!)

But, after doing some market analysis and goal setting, buying all the way across the US just made more sense!

So we narrowed in on a area in Florida known for a mouse. We went through how to build a team virtually. They did a great job securing the right type of funding they needed for the project that cost them very little out of pocket. After learning our deal analysis method, we would review deals together on calls to evaluate the benefits and risks of each property.

And voila! In less than 5 months, they are now the proud owner of a new STR in Florida!

Congrats Jenn and Juan!

So what do you think? Should we have them share their story on the Lady Landlords Podcast? 

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