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How to Fight for your Rights

Ahhh! It's been a great couple of days down here in sunny Mexico!

One of my main reasons for investing in Real Estate is to use the cash flow to allow me to travel wherever I want, whenever I want! When I was invited to Mexico for a long weekend, I jumped on the opportunity!

But I couldn't always do this!

Before reaching financial freedom, I was always worried about money. When someone invited me out, I automatically saw dollar signs. It limited some experiences with friends and family.

And I knew I didn't want to feel that way!

Real Estate Investing is an amazing vehicle to help you achieve the goals you want to see in your life. Whether it be travel or spending more time with family, there is a place for everyone.

When I met Kayla, one of our Lady Landlords members from Canada, she shared how it catapulted her into a space she would have never guessed...advocacy!

Listen to this week's episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast here to learn how you can get involved with policy change.

Here are a few ways that you can get involved:

1. Show up:

Your property is an investment and you need to protect that. When I bought our first duplex, I wanted to know what was going on in the community. I was able to find local neighborhood meeting and attended our city council meetings. It brought many issues to light for me to learn! I was also able to meet the decision makers in my city. It was the perfect place to learn about legislative changes and start educating myself.

2. Speak up:

Once you find these community groups, now is your time to get involved. You now have a platform to share what your experience is being a business owner and investor in the area. You can also join in! Personally, I joined a few Boards locally and even became a member of my city's Planning Board! Make sure your viewpoint is heard and can be considered. For example, during COVID everyone was impacted financially in one way or another. We all remember the eviction moratoriums. But, thanks to advocacy here in NY, landlords were able to express their hardships too and programs were rolled out to help alleviate some of the financial burden.

3. Power in Numbers:

Getting the word out to others is an important part of advocacy. If you come across a policy change that you feel could help or hurt your business, rally others around that think like you. This is why networking is so vital! There is strength in numbers that can truly make an impact. By continuously growing your investing networking you will be able to inform other local contacts about impending changes. This is a great way to ensure that a policy can get passed...or even blocked if you are against it.

If you are ready to take massive action in growing your portfolio, but need support, book a call with me here to see if the Lady Landlords Mentorship Program is right for you!

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