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How to Find your Role in Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing might have started as a fun, extra way to make money, but I quickly realized it was a great opportunity to quit the rat race and ditch the 9-5 after all!

I have been able to speak to so many women that have joined Lady Landlords over the years that have done the same or even found new, more fulfilling roles within the industry. What I have always loved about Real Estate Investing is that it is not a one size fits all biz. There really is a place for everybody and our role is to see what fits best for us.

And that is what Tiffany did in this week's episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast!

She fell into Real Estate after answering a classified ad in the newspaper! She then worked her way through being a wholesaler to a realtor to an investor. Her education in the field grew as did her network which primed her for the success she has today!

Reality is....

Many of us need to take steps and keep leveling up to be successful in this industry! What might have attracted us to this field, might not be the best thing for us and it is important to keep refining what makes us happy.

Listen to this week's episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast here.

Here are some roles that Tiffany took within Real Estate that you might want to consider:


A popular debate is if one needs to be a realtor in order to be an investor. The simple answer is no. But there are some benefits that you might not want to overlook. Being a realtor allows you to learn the steps involved in a real estate transaction from a live listing to the closing table! It also opens your network up to plenty of other movers and shakers in the industry that can help you as an investor. You'll have the opportunity to learn about your market if that is where you are choosing to invest. You could even save a bit representing yourself in your own transactions, but remember, there are also fees associated with hanging your hat with a brokerage.


Don't have a lot of money to get started as an investor? Wholesaling might be a way for you to get experience while saving capital for your own property. Essentially, wholesaling is where you identify a property and secure the sale with the seller while finding a buyer that will pay a higher price. Close and make the difference between the prices! (Okay, its a bit more complicated than that. Learn more here on our YouTube Channel) It will get you into the practice of everything you need to be a successful real estate investor, but with a low cost of entry!


When most people think of real estate investors, they typically think of very wealthy people that inherited tons of properties. But that simply isn't the case! The majority of investors own 1-2 properties and are happy to have the extra cash flow help them cover their bills. This world can be very intimidating to get into, but it doesn't have to be! Getting that first rental and growing your portfolio can be easy! If you need help, schedule a free consultation with me here.

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