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How to Raise Capital with Veena Jetti

Want to scale your real estate portfolio with multi-family investments, but don't know where to find the money to start?

Today on The Lady Landlords Podcast, Veena Jetti talks to us about raising capital and using other people's money in real estate. 

Veena is the founding partner of Vive Funds, a vanguard in the multi-family real estate sector that's recognized for pioneering a people-centric approach to investing. Veena has over a decade of experience of managing assets worth over $1 billion.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  1. How to leap from single-family properties to 100+ units.

  2. What obstacles may occur with multi-family investments.

  3. Where to find investors to invest in your deals and when to start looking for them.

Stay tuned until the end to learn the key to developing a robust network of investors who want to work with you!

Click below to listen on your favorite streaming platform.

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