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Insurance tips you need to know!

OMG I will never forget my first property….and my first lawsuit!

I bought a duplex townhouse that was attached to other homes on both sides. To me, this is very typical in NY so I didn’t think about the ramifications it could have. Within the first month, we discovered a leak in the roof in our tenants apartment. We felt confident that it was coming from our neighbor’s neglected roof and wanted our homeowner’s policy to help us get this resolved with the neighbor as it was going to cost us thousands…but it was actually our Landlord Insurance policy that ended up saving the day!

🌟 What is the difference between traditional homeowners insurance and Landlord Insurance?

Homeowner’s policies may not protect you in the event of a claim if you are renting the property. That’s right! Due to the higher risk of having tenants, you require a specific type of insurance to ensure you are protected.

🌟 Do I really need it?

Yes, you’re running a business and you need to make sure you protect yourself. If you are renting property, you will most likely have more damage which means more claims. Having the proper insurance will keep your costs down in the long run.

🌟 What does it cover?

From fire, water, theft, vandalism, and more - damage and repair costs can cause a huge headache and put a dent in your real estate profits. It covers all the traditional items you think of, but is the correct policy that you need if you are not owner occupying the property.

🌟 Where do I get it?

Personally, I use Steadily as its built by landlords, for landlords. They built a comprehensive product to save landlords time and money on their insurance. They are available in all 50 States, and can cover all types of properties - single family homes, vacation and short-term rentals, manufactured homes, apartment buildings too!

Get your FREE quote from Steadily here today!

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