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Is this Holding you Back from Financial Freedom?

We all know Analysis Paralysis is real in REI. Just as much as we need to learn our numbers and our markets, we need to prepare ourselves mentally for investing. This business is not for the faint of heart.

The best Investors are those that have the Right Mindset AND the Right Skillset!

I truly never thought I would ever own a home. I had no desire to, to be honest. After college, I had been living in NYC. Rent prices were so high there was no way I could've ever imagined being able to ever afford something. And if you read last week's blog about credit scores, I guarantee you no one would have given me a loan even if I wanted one! 🤣

Then I moved to Europe, living in beautiful Sevilla in Spain and followed by the beach in Southern Portugal! I was bit by the travel bug and had no intentions of settling down and living in one property!

But, one bad business decision changed it all!

I ended up losing my bar in Portugal and working for 3 Euros an hour until I could save up the money to move back to the States. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I had no place to live when I got home and bounced around friend's couches throughout NYC again. Real Estate was not on my mind until I started dating my now-husband and started to get serious about fixing my financial situation.

And my mindset needed an education too!

When we started thinking about buying our own home, a goal of my husband's, I was overwhelmed! There were sooo many preconceived notions about Buying and Investing in real estate, so let's do a little myth-busting today, shall we? Myth #1: "I need to have a LOT of Money saved to get into Real Estate Investing” Like I said, living in NYC, I figured you need to be a millionaire or have a trust fund to buy real estate. And, well, neither of those were me. But as I looked into REI, I realized there were so many ways that were available to the Average Jane! Traditional ways! Creative ways! Just so many different options where everyone had an opportunity to make SOMETHING work! I just needed to review my options and make the best decision for my personal situation! Myth #2: "I need to know EVERYTHING about REI to start" After we bought our first Duplex to househack with a modest amount down using a conventional loan, I delve deeper into the depths of Real Estate Investing. And, oh boy, was I in for it! I was listening to every podcast and reading every book I could get my hands on. And this stalled me from moving forward. I realized I could do it on paper, but now I needed to put it into practice. When we bought the first property, we knew nothing about being Landlords! But, we figured it out! Everyone survived! And the "doing" taught me more than any book could!

It is impossible to know EVERYTHING about REI, but..... Here is a way you can get REALLY close: Surround yourself with experts that DO know everything. Click here to learn how to find these experts. Myth #3: "It's just too hard to do!" Is this strategy best? Or this one? Should I do what she is doing? Or try something different? You can drive yourself crazy trying to decide everything on your own! REI can be incredibly overwhelming but it doesn't have to be! One thing that is really important is getting the help you need! Plug into someone that has been there, done that that can help guide you through making the best decisions for YOU! If you think I may be the person that can help you, consider the Lady Landlords Mentorship Program to get the help you need today!

Believing in these 3 myths will stop you from taking action. Your confidence waivers, you don't get the help you need, and in turn, you don't transform your life and reap the rewards you deserve as a result. As someone who has mentored many ladies over the years, I have seen breakthrough after breakthrough. The formula to reach Financial Independence isn't as much of a mystery as you think it is. Most people just don't have the right guidance to succeed. Most just search endlessly online and when that doesn't work, they give up. Don't be a part of this statistic! Join these Successful Lady Landlords here! I don’t want you to give up because I know you can do this! How else would there be millions of other people who have achieved Financial Independence through Real Estate Investing if it was so hard? So they are all geniuses? No... they did it by following a certain set of steps and through pure hard work!

Cheers to your future success!

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