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Lady Landlords Success Stories!

Click Here for the audio only version on the Lady Landlords Podcast.

Welcome back after a long weekend!

I spent the days updating and flipping one of the very first apartments we bought. After having 3 amazing college guys live in our househack, it was time to see them graduate and move on! Now I know what you are thinking....3 college...boys...over my head??? But, I have to stay they were some of the cleanest and best tenants we have ever had!

Nevertheless, wear and tear happens!

My husband and I went through the apartment, made a punch list, decided what we would do versus hire out for, and separated the list into what would need to come out of their security deposit.

All in all, we were pretty impressed!

But it got me thinking back to when we first bought this property back in 2018. We became accidental landlords by falling in love with a duplex and caught the real estate bug from there. But, being a landlords didn't come with a manual. We had to learn as we went and had to make decisions along the way hoping we were right. It was confusing, lonely, and I always felt that there was so much on the line financially with every decision we made!

In today's episode on the Lady Landlords Podcast, I share how our community was born and highlight some of our amazing member's stories.

Here are just 3 of those Lady Landlords Success Stories:

1. Josie: The Helper

I met Josie when she joined the Lady Landlords Beginner's Group Coaching program. She had previously tried a different program before only to realize she was being scammed so I appreciated that she trusted our community enough to get involved again. She had a beautiful plan to help take care of her parents as many of us do, but she needed to do what was best for her first. After talking through some details, she was able to find a happy balance for both and bought her first rental just 5 months later in California! Listen to Josie's Full episode here.

2. Cat: The Educated

Cat was already involved in Real Estate when she signed up for the Lady Landlords Roadmap workshop. She had been a realtor and even partnered up on an out of state flip! But, the leap from realtor to the investor side can be challenging. Cat worked hard to update her goals and strategies so she could cut the dead weight and start collecting cash flow asap. She just moved in her first tenant and is already collecting rent! Learn what made all the difference to Cat here.

3. Krista: The Grower

I had met Krista during one of our group strategy sessions. She already had a growing portfolio with great success, but she was ready for more. But there are tons of ways to get the job done and Krista was caught with too many options on her plate. We worked together in one on one sessions to make sure we picked the best strategy for her. By meeting weekly, she had accountability to help follow-up and follow through. We were able to review more advanced creative financing strategies that would take her to the next level. Listen in to Krista's full episode to here to learn where she is now!

If you have a Success Story that you would like to share on Lady Landlords Podcast, apply here to be a guest on an upcoming episode!

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