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Let me re-introduce myself!

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I write this as I just landed in Europe for the first time in a decade. I called this place home for many years and I can't help but to reflect on how my life has changed so much since I was last here. I might have owned two very successful businesses during my tenure there, but I left with amazing memories, $0 in my bank account, and ten pounds hanging around my waist! 🤣

But, in bad times is the opportunity for growth.

Real Estate wasn't even on my radar back then, let alone investing in it. Yet, here we are just a few years later in an incredibly different chapter of our lives. It makes me think about trials and tribulations that each of us go through and what led us to REI.

Personally, I am HAPPY not to be the same person I was 10 years ago.

I think as humans we should always be growing, learning, improving, even if at baby steps. And, at the core of it, is community. You might have heard the phrase, "You are the combination of the 5 people closest to you." I know my 5 have changed and I am sure yours has too. And that's okay. Some people come into our lives to serve a purpose, then that chapter closes, and another opens. I am thrilled that you are a part of this chapter of my life and thought it would be a good opportunity to re-introduce myself to you.

Here are a quick few facts about me!

I am professionally trained as a Cancer Researcher:

Growing up, I was taught that I needed to go to school to get a good 9-5 that is what I did. Originally, I started in Sleep Medicine but quickly changed to Cancer Research. I have always enjoyed seeing how I can make an impact on others and this profession has done just that. Thanks to Real Estate Investing, I no long need to work full-time but I still dabble in projects I find interesting to stay current in my field.

I have lived in 4 countries:

What drives me in life is learning about others. I want to see how others live, think, react. And, for me, traveling is the way to do that. But, I don't just mean for one or two weeks a year. I want to truly live like a local which is why I have moved around so much I guess. Despite living in various states, I have lived in Spain, Portugal, and the Dominican far. (And if you are like, "Hey Becky, that is only 3" the 4th is the US 😉) My goal is to make the DR my second home moving forward as I already own property there and I will be purchasing more shortly.

I am an Accidental Landlord:

As mentioned above, I never expected to own property...even my own home. I had moved back to the States broke, in debt, and with horrible credit. Who would give me a loan? And why? I just wanted to move abroad again anyways. But, alas, enter my now husband. Emilio immigrated from the DR right before his 18th Birthday and the American Dream of Homeownership was very important to him. I only agreed to buy our first property to make him happy. 🥰

Lady Landlords was also an accident:

Our community has been the best thing to have ever accidentally happened to me. After Emilio and I started buying properties, our circle started to change. Our priorities were changing. And I didn't have anyone that I could relate to. I felt alone and like the only woman in the room. I am happy I took a chance on Facebook and that YOU took a chance on joining me to make it one fantastic place to be!

What I do in my free time:

While not recording podcasts and working with women 1:1 to help them reach their goals for Financial Freedom, you can find me in the dirt-- either in the form of the beach, the softball field or my newest passion thanks to now owning property....gardening! Who knew?!

Hope this gives a little more insight to who I am behind the screens.

Now it's your turn! Hit reply and say hi or book a quick call with me here!

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