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Look at What WE Accomplished Together

Listen in to this Week's Episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast!

Click Here for the audio only version.

I started Lady Landlords in October 2019...but didn't tell anyone for months. I didn't think anyone would care. I didn't think that there was anyone else out there like me that was a landlord trying to manage her properties, grow her portfolio, hold down a life a job and try not to lose all her hair doing so!

But, you proved me wrong!

When I finally started sharing Lady Landlords in 2020, I was flabbergasted by the response. I still remember jumping up and down when we hit 100 members. I felt like I won the lottery by finding a community of like-minded women. I love that there is a place that I can go to get my sticky tenant questions answered, strategize growing my portfolio and commiserate with you on all the highs and lows!

Now, we have 100 women a day request to join us!

Over the first few months of Lady Landlords, our members reached out requesting various resources. Although I am a cancer researcher by day which is very analytical, I LOVE using the creative side of my brain to be able to teach others. I have loved every minute of creating the resources you have asked for and I hope you have enjoyed them too!

In just the last year alone, we have launched the Lady Landlords:

🌟 Beginner's Course to help you get started

🌟 Grow your Portfolio Course (Self explanatory. 😜)

🌟 1:1 Mentorship to get the specific help you need

🌟 Roadmap Program to provide you with a Step by Step plan to next your next Rental

🌟 Creative Financing Workshop reviewing 14 different options for you

🌟 Finding Off Market Properties Masterclass using PropStream software

🌟 Virtual and In Person Networking Events to build relationships

and the Lady Landlords Podcast and YouTube Channel to provide free educational resources!

Phew! I'm tired just writing that out!

And here is just SOME of the successes I have seen from those of you that have participated:

🌟 85% of those in the Mentorship Program bought property this year alone!

🌟 184 members took part in a course or workshop

🌟 302 members participated in our Networking Events

🌟 10,854 downloads to our Podcast

🌟 7,144 views on our Youtube Channel

🌟 and over 1,000 new members in our community every month!

And we only just got started!!

Last Chance to share what you would like to see in 2022:

Have a happy Tuesday! I know thinking back on your success this year makes me happy!

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