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Looking for 1st Rental? Avoid those mistakes! ❌

Personally, I want ANOTHER property!

And I just got another accepted offer last week! I found an amazing duplex, ready to rent, right outside of NYC where I will be cash flowing about $1500 a month! I share this not to brag, but to inspire you to get out there and give yourself a raise just like I did! There are still deals to be had in this Market!

When I first started, I was so overwhelmed! This person was telling me to do this, that person was telling me to do that. And either way, they were both telling me to do things I didn't even understand! I went through a huge learning curve! If you have been a part of Lady Landlords for a while now, you know my goal is just to make it easier for one other woman to reach Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing. I spent too much time and money doing the wrong things and I will NOT let that happen to you!

Here's what NOT to do as a New Investor: 1. Chase other Investors Dreams. I get it. You read through the Lady Landlords Facebook group. Krista made money doing this. Terry Ann made money doing that. So, then, you want to do this... aaaand, then, that. But, you aren't Krista or Terry Ann. You are Linda. You have your own goals. Your own set of life circumstances that makes you unique. So. Stop. 👏 Chasing. 👏 Others. 👏 You will end up chasing your tail and never getting anywhere. This is the #1 reason investors get stuck in Analysis Paralysis. 2. Ignore the Numbers. I don't know about you, but I am here to make money, not LOSE money. The most popular reason why Real Estate Investors fail is because they fail to understand the numbers associated with a deal. Not understanding all the costs associated with a deal can be absolutely detrimental to your bank account. So often I see people coming to me for help with analyzing deals with either incorrect numbers or just missing calculations altogether. This step will absolutely make or break you as a Real Estate Investor. Get help analyzing deals here!

3. Work with Anyone. We rely on experts to guide us when we are learning something new. Real Estate Investing is no different. I see so many ladies settle for the referral they got from their mother's cousin's brother twice removed. And then, they get burnt by someone that isn't qualified to support their specific needs. Don't let this cautionary tale happen to you.

4. Do it all alone.

Real Estate Investing is all about relationships. Networking, Deal Finding, Financing is all about who you know. And, it all starts with the foundations. My favorite part of Lady Landlords is getting to connect with our other members. At first, I thought I needed to do it all by myself-- I didn't want to spend the money for a mentor. I didn't want to spend the money on attending meetups.

But, when you invest in yourself, you cannot lose.

Join me for the LIVE Beginner's Group Coaching + COURSE!

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Have a happy long weekend!

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