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My Personal Tenant Horror Stories...and what you can learn from them!

Is being a Lady Landlord all glitz and glam?

No. Absolutely not!

Being a Successful Landlord takes knowledge, a calm disposition and the confidence to handle the most awkward situations that may come your way.

But if I can do it, so can you!

Now, I have had my fair share of odd situations. Take a listen to this week's episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast above as I share some of the stories that I have experienced during my tenure as a Landlord. Each one has taught so many lessons and there are so many ways to feel comfortable in your own skin when dealing with Tenant Situations.

Here are 3 Resources that might just help you:

1. Practice Open Communication

Always start with a conversation. Whenever there is a situation that can become contentious with a tenant, I always start by asking questions and learning more about the what is going on. We all like to be heard out and tenants are no different. Take the time to collect information so that you can be sure to speak from a place of confidence through tough situations.

2. Document Everything.

Even during that communication phase, protect yourself. I find it so important to keep my conversations in writing or to make sure to follow up with verbal conservations afterwards. Since becoming a Landlord, I have ended up in Small Claims many times...but I have won every time! Why? Because I can show proof of what transpired. If you are not sure what to sat, use standardized, state specific forms here to make sure to always say the right thing and to avoid confrontation!

3. Put Systems into Place.

Like any good business owner, it is important to standardize business practices. I cannot say enough about the amount of time this has saved me and the amount of money it has made me at the same time. Remember to all treat everyone equally while understanding your federal and local laws. But, protect your time and value the role you play in providing someone else with a home. Take the Lady Landlords Tenant Management Certification program today! Our Group Coaching Program Starts Tuesday, April 5th!

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