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NEW Message from Kelsey

I recently got a message from one of my Lady Landlords, Kelsey.

Here’s what she said:

“I had a call with Becky Nova yesterday, and I can’t even explain how impressed I was with our mapping session.

She was able to hone in on a roadmap that will have me financially independent within maybe six months.

And beyond business, I got a lot of clarity on my life. She said that she could see I may need a “serenity space” for myself near my rentals.

Right now, my home is a constant work zone as I’m in start-up mode for my business.

There are so many layers to building a lifestyle and business, and she’s an actual genius. I’ve coached before (with dudes) and never seemed to get it.

I admit, I am not the easiest to coach and haven’t always been coachable. Always blamed myself until now and I think I just wasn’t in the space as well as it being a fit.. those two things need to come together.

I’m in escrow on my first property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 45k with 1050-1150 in rent.”

I love what Kelsey said because it’s so true. I really am a genius! JK!

But really… Building the lifestyle you want is about more than just real estate.

Real estate is just the vehicle to get you where you actually want to go.

Maybe that means achieving financial independence.

Maybe that means retiring your husband.

Or maybe that means being able or travel the world and spend months on vacation.

Whatever your goal is, I build your strategy around that...

And I give you a custom step-by-step roadmap to get there.

If that sounds like something you want…

I have some good news and bad news:

The bad news?

I only do mapping sessions with the ladies inside my mentorship.

The good news?

I have 5 spots open right now if you want to join my mentorship.

All you have to do is talk to my community manager Danielle and see if you qualify.

So if you're serious about growing your portfolio to 6 figures so you can become financially independent...

But what if you’re not ready to work with me?

No worries! I’ll keep sending you content, so you have everything you need to succeed!

Either way…

I’m here to help.

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