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Overcoming Bad Economic Times for Rentals

Another day, another dollar. But are we helping our investments to remain up, or are they at

risk of going down?

We understand a lot of people have a lot of questions about the market right now. We’ve

been there before… Hello, 2008!

One of the main things I love about our Lady Landlord community is the support and

knowledge we can provide one another during wobbly economic times.

All of us here know that ups and downs are all part of the deal that comes with investing. It’s

not about avoiding the downs, but knowing how to act when one comes your way.

That’s why we believe it’s so valuable to make sure you have a plan of action in place, a

trusted community and a keen ear to the grapevine to be the amazing investor that you are.

No matter what.

And we want you to continue getting the best out of your portfolios…

One of our members, Flavia, began her real estate investment journey over 15 years ago!

And I think her story is something worth sharing, especially during these times. (Here is her full story.)

Whilst working full time, she was determined to grow her income by planting the seed for the

fruit of financial freedom.

She has already lived through and survived to tell the tale of being a rental investor during

the global recession way back in 2008. We love how that experience didn’t shy her away

from continuing her real estate investments but instead molded her into a clever and

prepared investor. Flavia uses tools like 1031 exchanges to sell some of her rental

investments to purchase better-performing ones whilst deferring capital gains tax on the


Flavia reminds us to stay confident no matter the economic situation, to remain flexible for

any necessary changes or quick decisions, and to always be prepared (scout's honor!) to do

things differently to suit the ever-changing economic climate.

Now could be an amazing opportunity for you, too, to harness a 1031 exchange to ensure

your portfolio is strong enough to hold out and also to continue paying you back during a

potentially difficult time for rentals. We have a whole episode on the Lady Landlord podcast

dedicated to this particular subject. So, if you’d like to listen to my conversation with Margo

McDonnell of 1031 Corp, you can find it here. It’s packed full of useful info for you!

As investors ourselves, making sure that we are getting the best rental yields possible whilst

still looking after our portfolio’s value is of utmost importance. So, our top three tips for you

right now are:

Drum roll, please…

🌟 Investing is thinking ahead!

Being prepared keeps you centered and calm and your investments as safe as

possible. Feeling confident and aware of all the options available to you before

making a decision is a sure-fire way to stay one step ahead of the game. We have

tons of free informative content available on our blog and on our podcast to help you.

🌟 Watch what is happening and be ready to act

Investing is never as easy as ABC. But we are here to keep things as simple as

possible. With our up-to-date market information and insight, you can trust we’ve got


🌟 It’s time for creative investing!

Right now, we need to do things differently. That is why it’s important to have your

community around you. With our guidance and crafted mentorship programs, you

can ride the economic wave with peace of mind, support and expert advice to help

you make the right decision for your investment plans.

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