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Should you buy an investment property or primary first? 🌟

Being an investor doesn’t mean you have to have an entire portfolio of different addresses. Buying your first home is an investment, so is up-sizing to something bigger and, equally, downsizing to something smaller. Every property related purchase will either create wealth or drain wealth.

It costs to be unwise and pays to be wise.

Many of my clients first come to me after finding themselves at a dead end trying to understand what’s the right property purchase for their specific needs. The house with the pretty garden or the one with the potential of remodeling? How can I get a good financial deal, know that the investment is sound, and actually get the money together?

Lady Landlords member Nancy was stuck facing her options and learned how it’s important to suss out the best course of action as quickly and as confidently as possible.

“I was stuck with my triplex. I was looking for strategies to purchase a single family home. I was feeling very frustrated and sad. I realized the class was helpful when Becky was providing me with clarity on where I was stuck. Now I feel better and can actually see a way out of this situation. I know where to make changes and what to do next to obtain my single home”

My calendar is open to begin working together in my dedicated and tailored program to YOU.

To arm yourself with powerful tools and the knowledge to make every property related decision you make, a wise one book your call here.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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