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Title Insurance for Beginners with Yaritza Ruiz

Does title insurance seem mysterious to you? Do you need to know what it is? Why is it important? And why do we need it?

Tune into the latest episode of The Lady Landlords Podcast, Title Insurance for Beginners with Yaritza Ruiz.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  1. What it means to “clear title.”

  2. How much it costs.

  3. How my mortgage went up from a title company error.

Stay tuned until the end to learn what your title agent needs from you in order to save you time and avoid risk in your next deal!

If you’re feeling stuck in your real estate journey, book a 15 minute orientation call with me and see if you’re ready to join our mentorship program.

Invest with confidence. Become a Lady Landlord today!

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