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Want to Know What Scares Me?

Now don't tell anyone but I want to share my biggest fear with you.

My biggest fear is wanting something so bad but not going after it. Being Stagnant. Not moving forward. Spinning my wheels you might say.

I am a big proponent of taking action! I plan, map out my route of success, gather my resources and go for it! But sometimes I get stuck in my own head. I hear doubts all the time!

"Am I doing this right?"

"Do I really deserve this?"

"Am I good enough to do this?"

And that's why I launched the Lady Landlords Accountability Group! I figured out my path forward and want to pay it back and help you find yours. So why not combine forces and work together just like we are doing in the Lady Landlords Facebook group? But here, we are going to turn it up a notch.

You will get:

🌟 8 Weeks of accountability. Meet on Zoom with a small group of Lady Landlords. Come with your questions, get cheered on, and learn in a motivated community of high powered women.

🌟 Your choice of the The Lady Landlord's Beginner Course or Intermediate Course to fit your specific needs

🌟 Access to ME throughout the 8 Weeks anytime you need a little extra support! You don't have to do this alone! Plug into someone who's been there and done that!

🌟And tons of Bonuses!

Check out all the offerings here! Because doors are closing this Sunday and we only have 3 spots left! Will one of those be yours?

Here's what it is like in The Lady Landlords Accountability Group:

1. Dedicated Time for YOU!

You might not remember what that's like. But one hour every week, you will do something good for you! Our group is filled with business women, moms- some doubling as homeschooling teachers right now- When is the last time you did something for YOU? If you can't remember, this group is for you! (And I get that life happens. Can't make the call time? You'll get the recording and still have me to check in with!)

2. Receive Actionable Steps

One phrase I hear often in the group is "Where should I start?" Well, the easy answer is at the beginning. But that can be hard to sort out on your own. On the calls, we will discuss easy and clear actionable steps that you will actually be able to take to move forward in your Real Estate Investing Journey.

3. You will have FUN!

I don't know about you but I have had a rough year. Ya know, worldwide pandemic and all? I am thrilled to have a project to work on and some ladies to connect with on a weekly basis. REI is a game, so come play!

So what's holding you back? Join the group and get the answers and the support you need!

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