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What You Can Expect from Lady Landlords in 2022!

Listen in as we kick off Season 2 of the Lady Landlords Podcast!

Click Here for the audio only version

Woohoo!! 2022!

I am proud to say that I am kicking off the new year in my home away from home in the Dominican Republic. If you have been with Lady Landlords for the past year now, you may remember that my husband, Emilio, and I went short term rental shopping here last year and lived in the DR for the winter. I could not have been happier to miss the snowy days in NY last year and plan on doing just the same this year! Follow our trip evaluating short term rentals and how we are managing our properties from abroad here!

For many people, the new year means new beginnings and new opportunities. A fresh slate to work with. I am hoping that this year your Real Estate Investing goals will be met and that Lady Landlords will be able to support you along the way!

Here is what you can expect from Lady Landlords in 2022:

1. Season 2 of the Lady Landlords Podcast:

We have a great Season in store! We have our very own members that will be coming on the show to share their successes to inspire you to reach your own goals! I make sure to get down to duplicatable action steps that you can easily follow. We also have a line up of experts such as lenders, attorneys, and CPAs that will provide the information that you need to make the right decisions for your portfolio. Lastly, you will have yours truly sharing all my tips and knowledge that I have learned to use as your own!

2. Curated content about the topics that you wanted to hear more about

This past Fall, I surveyed YOU on what you want to hear and learn about. And I listened. Our weekly blog will bring you the answers that you are looking for. Make sure to keep an eye out for our bi-annual survey so that you can provide your feedback and opinion on what you would like to see! You can always see past blog posts on our website here.

3: The help you need, when you need it.

As Lady Landlords turns 2 next month (they grow up so fast!) I am most proud of our library of educational resources that we have compiled. Besides our Blog and the Podcast, we have a mix of LIVE and on demand content to fit your specific needs. We have course material for those just getting started, those looking to grow their portfolio through Creative Financing, and even have a Tenant Management Certification program available at your finger tips. These courses will only be taught LIVE a few times a year with limited space so if you want to network with other members and get more facetime with me about your specific situation, make sure to grab your seat as soon as doors open. (Sneak peek: Doors will be opening for our FIRST LIVE coaching program this Thursday!)

Stay tuned for Thursday's announcement and freshen up here on some of our recent Success Stories of how our members have been able to get their first rental using The Lady Landlords Method!

Can't wait to see what YOU accomplish in 2022!

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