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Who Has Your Back?

Look around…

Who do you have in your life that supports your Real Estate Investing Goals? Do you have a community? A support system?

For me at least, it's been hard to find those that have the same interest in Financial Freedom. (Crazy, right??)

It was one of the reasons I started Lady Landlords. I wanted my own REI BFFs! And now, I have almost 7,000! And you do too! We are there day and day out for you. But I know we all look for connections that fit our current goals. A small personal group where we can really support each other and work through our current issues in front of us, that are holding up our goals at the moment.

That's why I launched the Lady Landlords Accountability Group! Now, just 10 ladies will be able to work together to take massive action to reach their goals! Start date is coming up soon so check out more deets here!

Did you know 95% of people are likely to reach their goal when they participate in an Accountability Group as compared to only 65% that go it alone.

So why is Accountability Important?

1. Higher Rate of Performance

When you set a dedicated time aside (like meeting with an awesome group of ladies every week 😉) you will end up actually working on your goal during that time. No distractions, no excuses!

2. Increases Confidence

Hearing what others are doing and what they are working on is a great way to educate yourself and feel confident doing those activities yourself. It's like having a little secret group of elves working for you behind the scenes! Learn what to do and what NOT to do from those you'll be working with in the group.

3. Greater Chance of Action

Need a kick in the pants to take action? Well, you might show up to the first accountability meeting not doing the work you said you would. You might even show up the second week not having done anything. But are you really going to show up a 3rd time to say that the dog ate your homework? No! You're going to take action and then we are all going to celebrate you!

4. And's just more FUN!

What would you pick- Throw a party by yourself or with people? EXACTLY! WITH PEOPLE! Building relationships and friendships with other motivated women will help keep you engaged and moving forward. It's fun to bond with others, celebrate the wins and comiserate through the tough times.

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