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Why Doing it Alone May Hold you Back

Listen in to learn how to find the right help for you!

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I see it all the time. You can be stubborn. You do everything on your own. You scour over information for hours sorting out the best path forward. It plays over and over in your head on if you should go left or right. You list out the pros and cons of each and with a little faith and a lot of uncertainty, you close your eyes and jump, hoping to land on your feet.

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. 😥

The amount of energy you spent was bad enough, but the amount of frustration you endured was even worse! You know there is a solution out there. You see others making it work, so why can't you figure it out?

Well, your lightbulb is about to go off!

Real Estate Investing is all about relationships. And I promise, someone out there has the answer that you are looking for. And you can go through looking for that needle in a haystack...or you can ask for the very help you need from someone has has been there and done that. That's is what hiring a mentor is for. They know where that needle is and are able to tell you exactly how to find it.

Did you know 95% of people are likely to reach their goal when they work with a mentor as compared to only 65% that go it alone?

And I know, I know. But mentors cost money and you are saving for a down payment, but consider these points on why you should work with someone:

1. Saves you Money.

Sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? Spend money to save money. But, if you spend money on the wrong property or trust the wrong professional, it could cost you THOUSANDS! It will set you back and might be something you will never recover from. When you work with a mentor, you are buying their experience and expertise to save you from making mistakes.

2. Saves you Time.

Consider the cost of doing nothing. If you made no moves in Real Estate over the next year, how would you feel? It could even cost you more money by not doing anything. That cash flow you want, that financial independence you are dreaming of...all lost due to indecision and inaction. Real Estate Investing is a participatory sport. You gotta be in it to win it so don't delay. Get the help and answers you need to move forward today.

3. Saves you Headaches

There are so many routes that one can take in Real Estate Investing- Rentals, Flips, Syndications, Multi-families, Single Family, Commercial, In State, Out of State. Oh, and then there is financing. You need to make sure to pick the right option for you and remember that each of these has different strategies involved. So, you will have a learning curve with every new project that will make you feel like a baby bird learning to fly all over again!

Now, it doesn't have to be me, but I encourage you to have someone in your corner that has your best interest at heart. Find someone that has a style that you can relate to and that is where you want to be! And if you read this whole email, that means I might just be a fit for you.😉

What makes me different than the other mentors out there is that I am in this with you growing my portfolio. I'm not writing to you from my mansion, but from my househack. It's important to work with someone that is actively buying and knows the market. Also, I use my research and analytical background to help you find the path of least resistance. So many women feel that they have to get creative and employ complicated techniques to get their next rental property. My specialty is showing you that the answer is much easier than that!

So, if you want the most amount of cash flow for the least amount of stress and a personalized path for you, sign up today to the Lady Landlords Roadmap Program! Black Friday Deal ends tonight at Midnight so it's your last chance to work with me at this price!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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