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You've Been Lied To

Most of us are forced to believe that “success” means going to school and getting a good job.

​ I know I believed that lie.

​ I got 2 Bachelors and a Master's Degree from an Ivy League Institution.

​ I began a career in Cancer Research.

​ And I was making 6 figures in my 20s.

​ But deep down?

​ I wasn’t happy. And I sure didn't feel successful.

​ I remember holding back tears on the subway every morning, commuting to my office. ​

I was surrounded by hundreds of other people that were also exhausted, weary, and hopeless… ​

Just letting another day pass them by as they sat in a cubicle. ​

I became depressed thinking that this would be my future. ​

I had no idea how to get myself out of this hole. ​

I just felt like I was being swallowed up in this life of meaningless repetition. ​

I had to get out.

And one day, I hit my breaking point. I quit. ​

I just walked away from the job and my career.

​ And then I went drinking lol.

​ I remember posting a message on FB asking where I should move.

​ And I only got one response:

​ “Spain,” it said.

​ So I sold everything I owned and moved there 8 weeks later.

​ I didn't know anyone there. Didn’t speak Spanish at the time.

​ I just knew that I was unhappy and nothing could be worse than where I had been.

​ Yet, I found a quality of life I never expected.

​ Wine at lunch… and nobody asked what you did for a living. They cared about you as a person. Jobs did not define them.

​ I started a Tour Company there, showing tourists the amazing life I had found.

​ And then I expanded into Portugal, where I bought a beachfront bar.

​ But then, my dream of living on a beach came to a screeching halt.

​ The guy I bought the bar from screwed me over and I lost everything;

​ My tour company, the bar, and a little over 100k that I had invested into it.

​ I was broke, my credit was ruined.

And I had to move home to my parent's house… at the age of 30.

Then, the universe threw me another curveball.

​ While playing softball, I met my now husband, Emilio.

​ He immigrated from the Dominican Republic just a few years before and was looking for the American Dream of homeownership.

​ But I didn't want to buy a home.

​ I wanted to travel the world!

​ But as we do in relationships, I compromised.

​ I suggested we buy a multifamily to live on one side and rent out the other.

​ But we had NO IDEA how to buy a house.

​ I called realtor after realtor only to be hung up on.

​ ​“We can talk when you get pre-approved”

​ ​“We can talk when you find a house on Zillow”

​ But I didn't know how to get pre-approved. I didn't know how to pick the right house.

​ It was all so confusing.

​ Until we met Michael, our realtor.

​ He was patient. He sat down and walked us through the process. He spent time answering our questions.

​ And then it happened!

​ We bought our first Duplex in Yonkers, NY!

​ And the second I got that first rental payment, I knew I wanted to do it again.

​ I had gotten a small taste of the power of real estate investing and I wanted more.

​ But everyone told me it couldn’t be done. I had just bought a house. They said I couldn’t do it again.

​ So I went on a mission to learn everything I could about real estate investing.

​ I read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and picked everyone’s brain that I could.

​ But it was overwhelming.

​ There were so many strategies and conflicting advice that it was so hard to figure out the exact steps I needed to take.

​ However, I figured it out.

​ I cracked the code.

​ The answer was right there in front of my face.

​ And it was so much easier than I thought!

​ So we were off!

​ Over the next 3 years, Emilio and I bought 10 more doors in NY and DR, generating 6 figures!

​ And remember that compromise I made to buy that very first property?

​ Well, now it was my time to collect!

​ The cash flow from our properties now funds the traveling lifestyle I always wanted.

​ - We spend our winters in DR to live in constant summer

​ - We don’t worry about PTO balances when we want to spend a month in Europe

​ - We take bucket list trips to places like the Great Wall of China (where we got engaged!)

​ - And we wake up every morning deciding what we want to do that day.

​ And the best part?

​ You can do the same!

​ ​Here’s how:

1. Dream Big

​ The #1 mistake I see investors make is chasing other people’s dreams.

​ They see people flash big checks on IG and try to duplicate their success.

​ But you are you.

​ Your set of circumstances are different.

​ Don’t chase their dreams.

​ Follow yours.

​ ​2. Take Steps

​ Now that you know what direction you need to go, become an expert in THAT strategy.

​ When you focus your energy in the right place, you can make better progress and even have fun along the way.

​ ​3. Act Now

​ You did the work.

​ You put in the time.

​ You can now make confident decisions to build your portfolio.

​ No more being stuck in analysis paralysis!

​ You already have everything you need.

​ All you have to do is take ACTION.

​ Of course, if you want help…

​ If you want to take a shortcut and avoid wasting time losing money and time along your journey…

>> Tap here to book a call with our community manager

On that call, Danielle will ask you about where you’re at and what your goals are.

​ And if she thinks you’re ready to work with me, she’ll help you schedule a call with me.

​ If she doesn’t think you’re ready, she’ll send you resources to help you with your next steps.

​ Anyways, that’s my story about how I got into real estate investing.

​ I’d love to hear more about your story…

​ How you’d get started in real estate?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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