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#1 Newbie Advice

Becky here again! I warned ya I would be back after the holiday weekend as our Weekly Newsletter will now be on Tuesdays!

It's been 3 years now since Real Estate Investing changed my life. The simple idea of fulfilling my husband's goal of the American Dream of Homeownership turned into something so much more.

· We purchased 10 (Soon to be 12) doors throughout HCOL areas in NY and also in the Dominican Republic to provide families with safe and clean homes.

· We found Financial Freedom and no longer worry how we are going to pay our bills, but where we want to travel to next.

· We built strong relationship with amazing people I would've never crossed paths with otherwise. (Both my Realtor and Financial Advisor were at our Wedding!)

I can almost NOT remember my life before Real Estate!

But, there was a HUGE Information Gap from when I first started to now. At first, I thought I was just buying a primary home. That process itself was completely new to me, but I later realized that very little of that will actually help you when purchasing an investment property. (If only Lady Landlords existed back then! 🤣)

Here's what I wish someone had told me before I started: 1. Start as Soon as Possible!

Like, yesterday would've been better! This is the #1 piece of advice I give to newbies. Between rising costs, unpredictable futures, and the ability to bring in cash flow while growing equity, rentals are just a no brainer to me! But, so many new investors get stuck in Analysis Paralysis and they miss out on deal after deal! That's literally leaving money, and your dreams, on the table. Hit reply and let me help you get started so this doesn't happen to you! 2. Look for the Path of Least Resistance.

After we bought that first duplex to HouseHack, I became obsessed with learning all I could! I listened to every Podcast I could find (Like our very own Lady Landlords Podcast). I attended every meetup I could find like this one. And listened to everyone I could about their journey. But, sometimes, they just made it SO much more difficult than needed! That's when I realized Real Estate Investing is really not as hard as people make it seem. As a Cancer Researcher by day, I am trained to identify themes and streamline processes. So, that is exactly what I did here. I found a Fool-Proof Formula that works for generating monthly Cash Flow. And I just put that system on Repeat. It's done wonders for my bank account and can do the same for you too! Learn more here!

3. You are now a CEO.

One of the biggest misnomers is that Real Estate Investing is just passive, mailbox money. It's not. It takes education, decision making abilities and a knowledge of finance---Just like any other business. Yes, we work with others that are experts in the field such as realtors and contractors, but they are there to provide us with information. We are responsible for our business decisions. For me, I didn't just want to make a couple bucks investing. I wanted to replace an income. I wanted to leave my 9-5 day job to live life on my own terms. Therefore, this couldn't just be a hobby for me. I couldn't play small and expect big things. I needed my behaviors to match my vision.

To learn more how you can do the same and get tips and tricks from someone that has been where you are and is now where you want to be:

Join me for the LIVE Beginner's Group Coaching + COURSE!

Buy Your First Rental Property by the End of the 2021

with the Lady Landlords Method!

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To your success,

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