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“Working with Becky is what I needed to confidently grow my real estate business. The course helped me identify my goals and plan the steps to achieve them. The empowering women in the Lady Landlord's group encourages me everyday to continue to work towards those goals and assist with the struggles that come with the business.”



“Becky Nova is AMAZING. She is very knowledgeable about real estate investing. Becky is very transparent and doesn't hold back in her teaching. I have taken her beginner's real estate investments course and am currently enrolled in another. Her courses are very detailed. The content is broken down so it is easy to follow, even for me as a total newbie. Each week, she gives us actionable steps that I have found to be very helpful since I am a beginner. Ever since I took Becky's class, I feel confident with the knowledge I've acquired from her to get my first property (which is in the works now). Working with Becky has allowed me to create a plan using the "SMART goals" technique that she has taught me. I have so much clarity on what I am doing now. Becky is the real deal. She has taught me that it is possible to build true wealth using real estate. 
Thank you Becky!”

Terry Ann


”I highly recommend the real estate beginner course for anyone who has questions or is nervous about getting into real estate investing. Becky really breaks down every aspect of what it's like to become a real estate investor and is willing to answer any and all questions. I learned so much whether it was from the types of financing, types of properties to invest in, or how to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. The group is really a great support system because everyone there is on the same page and is trying to reach the same goal.”



“I am not a landlord YET but I joined this course because my goal is to have a rental property by the time I’m 25.  I’m 22 now and am building my credit and paying off my debt. The Beginner’s course gave me the framework I needed to plan ahead so I know the exact steps I need to take when I am ready!”



“The Tenant Management Certificate Program gave me confidence as a landlord, and I’m now investing remotely in other markets.”



“Although I was not new to real estate, there was so much I did not know and Becky made me more knowledgeable and confident! I learned about setting SMART goals, types of properties, various types of loans, and so much more! My favorite segment of the course is the Q and A section. I loved that we got to ask questions and she responded to the entire group. Would definitely recommend her program!”



“I felt frustrated that I might be missing something. Now, I feel more confident in my options.  Take this class so you can get the tools and confidence you need to proceed.”Thank you Becky!”



“I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to buy my second rental properties.  I had been listening to podcasts and reading books but just couldn’t figure out the right strategy for me.  I knew Becky from her Lady Landlords group so I decided to give her course a try.  She laid out the steps for me so clearly!  After watching the Intermediate Course, I was able to take action and now I know exactly how I can grow my portfolio!”



“I am not a landlord YET but I joined this course because my goal is to have a rental property by the time I’m 25.  I’m 22 now and am building my credit and paying off my debt. The Beginner’s course gave me the framework I needed to plan ahead so I know the exact steps I need to take when I am ready!”



"I loved this class!  It even helped me with my self-esteem! I was overwhelmed and stuck with not knowing how to come up with my next down payments. But this class was therapeutic! I now know what I am working towards and the steps I should take. It's worth it because it is personalized to meet your specific needs!"



“If you feel that you have tried on your own and you don't see a clear path then this call is for you.”



“I didn’t know exactly where to start or how to trust my instincts. There is a lot of misinformation from inexperienced people. Now, it feels achievable and not overwhelming! My “Aha moment” was realizing rental income is similar to compound interest! The Roadmap was eye-opening and provided clarity!



“I’d find deals but was not sure how to finance. I can now do more research based off of some new things I learned in our session!”



“Awesome classes! I was happy to watch the videos. The last few weeks have been crazy for me but I'm very grateful for the replays! Loving them!  I feel like I have gotten all my questions answered in just this one course!”



“The Tenant Management Certificate Program is great for new owners who are afraid of making legal mistakes. We learned about the importance of pre-screening and how to build our own systems. The program was well worth the money!”



“My problem was not knowing how to start investing in real estate. I didn’t know where I could get money, how to know if it’s a good deal or not. Now, I am more awarded and confident when looking at properties. I know where I can get the money and how to analyze if it’s a good deal or not. I am grateful I found this class and look forward to taking additional classes in the future.”



“I wasn't sure where to start, and I needed to define my goals. I felt like I was spinning in circles. But then, I instantly felt that I connected to Becky and that she understood my goals. I was given specific steps to take to immediately start implementing my goals, even the same day!"



“Becky is a strong leader and supporter to her clients. Her engagement and advisement to others are very motivational. The roadmap course is a map of the beginning of lifetime success. Trust the advice, come with a positive mind, and become ready for a new you after taking the course. It is such a wonderful feeling to have someone to dedicate 3 hours of their time to set goals for my future!”



“In the Tenant Management Certificate Program, you’ll learn step-by-step how to manage your rental from talent acquisition, problem-solving and move out. You even get the slide deck to refer back with links to apps that have already been vetted. That’s worth half the fee right there! The info is solid.” 


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