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3 Simple Steps to Start your Real Estate Investing Journey!

Click Here for the audio only version on the Lady Landlords Podcast

If you are reading this, it is because you know the power of Real Estate Investing. You are probably in our Facebook Community and are so inspired by what all the women in there are doing.

But if you are new, it can be OVERWHELMING!

I get it! I was a beginner myself at one time. I saw everyone else using terms and acronyms I didn't understand. They were buying properties left and right and there I was just trying to get the first! But, my whole goal with Lady Landlords is to make your REI journey just a bit easier than mine soo....

Here are 3 steps that will help you take action today!


In order to do anything well, you need to learn about it first! The reason people elect to go to school is to become knowledgeable in something. Now, there is no Real Estate Investor school, but there are plenty of resources that you can dig into. Find books, podcasts and speak to everyone you can about what they are doing in real estate investing so you can start to learn what might be the right strategy for you! A great place to start is the Lady Landlords Podcast or take an online course here!


Now that you have the foundational education you need, you need to narrow your own focus down on what is the right strategy for you! Will you be flipping houses or buying and holding? Think through everything you learned and decide what is feasible and what is exciting for you. It is important to think about what excites you because it won't always be easy so if you are doing something you enjoy, it will help you get through the hard times. But get that niche down on paper and be ready to stick to it! Need help narrowing it down? Apply to work with me here.

Commit and Act:

Once you have the education and know what strategy you are going for, you can confidently take action! No need to second guess yourself! So many women get stuck in analysis paralysis... but not you! You did your homework. You ran your numbers right. You know you found the right deal. Just do it! There is nothing stopping you! The best lessons you can learn are from actually getting involved so here is your opportunity!

Hope this has you taking action today!

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