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Did you See This?

Last week’s LIVE training in the group about how to navigate our current market was 🔥​🔥​🔥! (Missed it? Click here to watch it and write #replay in the comments so I know you saw it)

But here is a quick rundown of some of the questions I have been getting about it:

1.    Am I still buying?

Yes! I just closed on Rental #16 the week before! Bought it for 50k under ask and have all the units rented out. That's bringing my another $1500+ a month in rent.

2. Is now the right time for me to buy?

It very much could be! If you are truly looking to be a successful investor, you need to see the opportunity in this market. When the wannabe investors are sitting on the sidelines, you need to be out there seeing what you can make happen. Totally cool if that is not for you, but this is investing. The reward is in the risk, for those that can navigate it.

3. Is Mentorship right for me?

No idea. I don’t do cookie cutter programs and I don’t work with people I can’t 100% help. Honestly, I turn down more people than I accept. But I am happy to see if I can. Hit reply, let me know what’s going on, and let’s have a chat about it. Costs you nothing to find out if I have the answer you’re looking for.

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