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How a Teacher Bought her First Property.... Sight Unseen!

I am so proud of this story!

Over the past 2 years with Lady Landlords, I have gotten to know so many members on a personal level. The connections and friendships that have been formed from our community makes me so happy.

And today, I want to share a story about one of our members.

Patty, a NYC school teacher, just got her first property!

When I first met Patty, she was still in the education phase. She joined our Beginner's Group coaching program. She would listen intently ad asked good questions. Originally, her plan was to purchase in NY, which is no small feat.

But it wasn't meant to be!

Her plans quickly changed and it might have just been the thing that helped her land that first profitable deal!

Now, Patty has the confidence to manage her rental business long distance and to go after her second property just a few short months later!

Listen to Patty's Full Story on the Lady Landlords Podcast here!

Here are a few things Patty did that can help you too:

1. Take a Test Run:

I love that Patty did this! She was looking at buying in an area a few hours away from where she lived. She connected with a realtor to identify options for properties. She then flew there....yes, flew up there and stayed in a hotel so that she could evaluate the area herself. Since it was her first time looking, she felt the most comfortable being there in person where she could see things with her own eyes and ask questions on the spot. It was what she needed to move forward.

2. Change Course when needed:

But, it was not meant to be! She learned the area was not what she expected. So what did she do? She found a new area that fit her needs. And this time was out of state! She went back to the drawing board to redo her market analysis. She had learned so much from that first trip that she was able to improve upon her buying criteria.

3. Trust the Process:

In an interesting twist, Patty did not visit the new market she bought in. After going through that test run, she was confident in her realtor selection and her market analysis. She felt comfortable to view properties virtually and made her offers. And voila! She was able to close on that first property and now has a trusted team in place where she can expand her portfolio!

To see if the Lady Landlords Mentorship program is right for you, book a call with me here.

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