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How I Went From Poor to 7-figure Portfolio

Growing up I was the poor kid in school. ​

I got picked on for wearing my brother’s hand-me-downs. ​

I was raised in my grandmother’s home. ​

My father didn’t work. ​

Food stamps kept dinner on the table. ​

And while the town around me was growing… ​

We were left behind. ​

I remember walking past the realtor offices when I was younger and seeing the pictures in the window. ​

The prices didn’t make sense to me as a kid, but I dreamt of those pretty houses in the window. ​

The pools… ​

The manicured lawns…​

​ The two-story houses. ​

As I got older, I could never walk past one of those windows without stopping. ​

They always highlighted the crème de la crème homes in the area. ​

But now that I was older, the numbers made sense. ​

And everything seemed so out of reach. ​

My first home was a house hack. ​

It was the only way I could afford my area in New York. ​

I started with a duplex. I lived in one side and rented out the other. ​

This allowed me to save money every month. ​

Eventually, I rolled that profit into another rental property… ​

Then that profit into another and the next to the next. ​

And now I’m looking at adding doors 16, 17, 18, and 19 before the end of this year. ​

Why am I sharing this with you?​​

​ Because my husband and I were recently walking through town and came across the infamous window.

​ But things are different now. ​

Not only were the houses in our budget… ​

But we had just toured one of them! ​

​ We turned it down because of the floor plan; However, that’s not the point. ​

The point is that real estate investing provided us with this opportunity. ​

It’s allowed us to change our entire financial situation in just a few short years. ​

And the reality is? ​

It can do the same for you. ​

Whether you’re trying to get started or trying to get that next rental… ​

Don’t give up! ​

You already have everything you need. ​

You have the desire. You have ambition. And you have all of us inside the Lady Landlords Facebook group. ​

And if you want me right next to you, guiding you along your journey… ​

You have the opportunity right now to join the Lady Landlords mentorship before spots fill up. (tap here to book your orientation call).


I can’t wait to see you succeed

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