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Meeting the right People for your Real Estate Investing Team

This past weekend, I spoke at a Real Estate Investor Summit and had the chance to spread the Lady Landlords mission with over 100 investors. Being in a room with so many people on this journey was inspiring and energizing. It made me realize how important that human connection is.

So now, ladies, it is our turn!

Every month, Lady Landlords hosts two networking opportunities, one in person in the NY area and one virtual for those too far away...but, now in August, we have a special co-ed event!

It is your opportunity to meet my team and 50 other Lady Landlords!

On Saturday, August 27th, in Westchester, NY, we will be having our Summer Soiree event and I wanted to share with you some of my team and other ladies you will be meeting that day!

You can also listen in this week's episode of the Lady Landlords Podcast, to learn more about the guests and events!

Here is who you can expect to meet:

NY & CT Realtor: Michael Tarallo, The Tarallo Team

I met Michael back in 2018 when I was interviewing realtors. It was so hard to get anyone to even spent two minutes on the phone with me! But, Michael is different! He walked me through the process and guided me through how to purchase my first investment property! I have since bought 3 more cash flowing multifamilies from him! Learn more about Michael here and connect with him here.

NY Attorney: Jay Zimner, Zimner Law

A networking connection put Jay and me in touch after my first closing as I had to sue my first attorney. He is the perfect combination of tough to get situations handled but empathic to my situation. We have done multiple deals together since then! Listen to Jay on the Lady Landlords Podcast here and reach out to him here.

Traditional Lending: Brad Dixon of Homestead Funding

I can't imagine the loan process being any easier! Funding is never the fun part. Lots of paperwork and back and forth, but with Brad, the process is seamless and moves quick! If you are looking for traditional funding in NY, CT or FL, reach out to Brad here. You can also hear him on the Lady Landlords Podcast here.

Home Inspections: Marc Anthony of ProHome Inspectors

With ProHome Inspectors, I get not just a home inspection, but an inspector that has done flips himself. That extra experience brings a level of quality to my inspections that I did not previously have. Learn more about Marc here and reach out to him for inspections in NY & CT here.

Hard Money Lending (Nationwide) Michael Haberman of Rock East Funding

You might have recently joined the Lady Landlords Hard Money Lending webinar a few weeks ago. On that call, I introduced you to Michael as he walked you through the process of borrowing hard money. For rehabs, Michael is my go to! His family has been in the business for so long that he is well connected and knows exactly how to get a deal done quickly! Watch Michael on the webinar here and set up a time to meet with Michael here.

Syndications (Nationwide) John Cohen of TORO Real Estate Partners

Last Fall, I went on a mission to find the best Syndicator out there that I could trust. I spent months interviewing Sponsors and no one had a more impressive track record than John. I personally invested my money with him and then, we, as a Lady Landlords group, did an investment with him! And the returns have been fantastic! Watch our Special Syndications webinar here and connect with John here.

Property Management Software: RentRedi

As you most likely know, my goal is to live on a beach and run my rentals with a pina colada in hand. That means I rely on software systems to do the heavy lifting for tenant management. What I love about RentRedi is that their platform is a one stop shop from tenant screening to rent collection. I only have to log into one place to check the status of my rentals. Check them out here and use LADYLANDLORDS for a discount!

The Most Important Guest: YOU!

The women we already have signed up are amazing! We have women who just bought their first property, like Jenny, attending. We have Kavell, who is the OG of women investors coming. We have couples like Libby and her boyfriend attending. Danielle, a new mom looking to leave a legacy for her daughter, will be in attendance. No matter how new or experienced you are, you will have a great time connecting with other Lady Landlords at the Summer Soiree!

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