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Wayne's Syndrome

Have you ever heard of Ronald Wayne? Most people haven’t... 

That’s because Ronald Wayne was almost a multi-billionaire. However, there was one thing that stopped him. 


Ronald Wayne was one of the three founders of Apple back in 1976.


But after 12 days into the business, he sold all his shares for just $800.




His partner, Steve Jobs, known for being wild and taking massive risks, had borrowed 15k to get supplies from a "shady" parts store. 

Ronald worried that if he kept working with Steve, Apple's debts would come back to haunt him...

But Steve didn’t care. He had nothing. Not a single dollar to his name... 


So Ronald made the decision to give away his shares. 

And can you guess what they’d be worth now? 

$195 billion.


Ronald made a 195 billion dollar mistake just to play it “safe.”

The lesson?

Many Lady Landlords are like Ron. 


They want more out of life.


More time. More happiness. More control...


But when a great opportunity comes their way...


They only see what it could potentially cost them:


The time.

The money.

The comfort.

Then, one day, usually around their 60th birthday, they look back with regret because they played it too safe and missed out on the life of their dreams.


But that’s their story…

It does NOT have to be yours.

You have the opportunity right now to decide:

Will you play it “safe” like everyone else? Or will you play to win? 

The choice is yours.

But you already know which option will get you what you want. 

When you’re ready to move forward >> tap here

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