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3 Things to Remember BEFORE Scaling your Portfolio

Listen in to the Top 3 Things I wish I knew While Growing my Portfolio:

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Buying the first property can be challenging. You need to learn the process for house buying in general (even if for your primary residence) but usually you have the down payment saved up, have an idea of the market you want to buy in, and simply use a realtor for the transaction.

It's Property #2 that is usually more difficult!

Your savings are gone and yet you see people buying property after property in the Lady Landlords group. You get so frustrated wondering how they are doing it. They're picking up houses every week for pennies on the dollar and brining in enough cash flow to quit that 9-5 and it just makes you wanna scream.

So, there has GOT to be a way for you to do it too, right?

YES! There is a way for you to be able to scale your portfolio just like I was able to and so many other women out there.

Here are the TOP 3 things I wish I knew while growing my portfolio:

1. Build a House of Cards.

Like any house, you need to start with a good foundation. The decisions you make buying the first property can affect the 2nd, 3rd and even 10th property so choose wisely. When I bought my first duplex, I NEVER imagined I would have bought more properties. So, I made decisions on that property that hurt me since I wasn't thinking about the long game back then. If I had planned properly for growth from the start, I would have been able to grow and generate even greater cash flow faster. Make sure to create a plan for growth from the start before it's too late! 😱

2. It's waaay easier than you think.

What I find soooo cool about Real Estate Investing is that there is room for EVERYONE! You don't need a degree in it. You didn't need to go to school for it. BUT, you can still be wildly successful in it. It's a game that you get to play. You need to strategize, take action and then blow up that Battleship! Once you figure out your niche (your game of choice) and your strategy (your financing & lead generation plan), you can win over and over again! Learn the rules of the game and start playing!

3. You can lose your hair going it alone.

Ever go down a rabbit hole researching and reading everything about a topic only to feel no closer to the answer? Yeah, me neither. 🤣 Of course we have all done this! But why?? It doesn't get us any closer to our goal. It just frustrates us. I always felt like everyone else had the secret answer that no one was telling me! Many of us don't ask for the help we need and instead sit there twiddling our thumbs letting our dreams slip by. Stop. 👏 that. 👏 Find someone today that has been where you are and is now where you want to be! Get the help you need and deserve!

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