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How Real Estate Investing Can Support your Life Purpose!

Click Here for the audio only version on the Lady Landlords Podcast!

Over this past weekend, I connected with a childhood friend that I haven't seen since the start of COVID. She mentioned that she was impressed that I found a business that I am so passionate about. See, she was one of those people that was destined to work in a certain field. I don't think any of our friends would have questioned what she would do professionally when she grew up. She always knew what she wanted to do in life, and well, she's succeeding in it!

But, it is not that easy for all of us!

For a long time I felt that I didn't know what I wanted to do when I "grew up." I went to school and tried out some different classes and majors. I really fell into doing Cancer Research, which became the focal point of my professional career. Although it is rewarding work that fulfills me from a perspective of doing good within society, I wasn't fulfilled in the same way as my friend that turned her passion into a career.

And then I realized I was thinking about it all wrong!

While helping others is a passion of mine, the corporate structure and 9-5 mentality just isn't me. It was then that I realized I was trying to fit myself into a box that I just didn't fit in. Over the years, I have always run a side business along with my W2. From Nutritional Consulting to running a Tour Company in Spain to Managing Social Media accounts, I realized that I need an outlet for my creativity and that the world of Stats and meetings about meetings would just never suffice. It lights me up to solve problems, understanding people and I prefer to do it all on my own time. Freedom of Choice and Time are huge motivators for me, because after all, what have I been destined to do since childhood? Spent time outdoors near the beach.

Our paths don't have to fit someone else's expectations.

Although tanning isn't a profession, what I realized is that my friend and I just wanted different things out of life. And that is okay. Real Estate Investing fit with the Freedoms I needed while allowing me the space to be creative and entrepreneurial. Recently, I had the pleasure to work with Barbara. She has a huge heart for helping others and you can learn more about her in this week's Lady Landlords Podcast episode. When we did the Lady Landlords Roadmap to help her work out next steps for her portfolio, we were able to build in her dream of opening a group home for women that experienced domestic violence.

My point is that Real Estate Investing is about your passion and life's purpose, not just dollars and cents!

Here are 3 Key takeaways from my interview with Barbara:

1. You can make money and do good things at the same time.

Growing up in a Financially Illiterate household, I used to think that money was something to be ashamed of. You weren't supposed to talk about and you definitely weren't supposed to have it. And the people that did were all bad people. But those were all false beliefs. Money can be used for so many great things. Money is not good or bad, but we get the control over how to use it.

2. REI should fill your purpose.

There is no reason to buy houses to just say you have x amount of doors. Rentals Properties are just a vehicle to get you to the life you deserve. And therefore, they should serve your purpose. If you want to spend more time with your family, rentals should allow you that option, not take you away from them. If you want to travel more, real estate should provide you that freedom, not keep you tethered to one location. If your purpose is not being met, you're doing this wrong.

3. This is an amazing opportunity to reach your Dream Life.

I often feel that successful investors are the 1%. The 1% that can look beyond the cubicle The 9-5. The retirement packages in your late 60's. If you are reading this, you are that 1% that knows the power of wealth building that Real Estate Investing can provide you. We are a community of women that know there is more to life and that investing can be the solution to all our problems. Don't quit. You deserve it too much.

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